Slimline Umbrella

Slimline Umbrella offers hassle-free, comprehensive, and outstanding services and support to contractors and freelancers. You work independently as a contractor while enjoying the perks and securities of being in employment, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Quantum PAYE

Quantum PAYE is one of the UK’s premium payroll providers, operating a straight forward, transparent service with no hidden fees. We offer a personalised and dedicated relationship manager for every client, because to use, you’re more than a number.

Pure Invoicing Umbrella

Pure Invoicing Umbrella gives contractors the advisory and support they need to pursue or continue a career in the contractor community. With free legal and tax advisory, free insurance and an easy sign-up, it’s Purely for you.

RA Umbrella

We know what you expect. Expect more. RA Umbrella provides contractors with a service that goes beyond expectations; delivering straight forward, stress-free employment and payroll services to contractors across the UK.

Umbrella Resource

Umbrella Resource is the trusted umbrella company for agencies, providing PAYE serves to contract workers. With same day payments (processed three times a day) and a dedicated customer service representative, we pride our services on being 100% customer focused.

Umbrella People Limited

Our dedication to the contracting industry is we’re proud of and something that sets us apart from the other contractor support providers out there.

Nicely Paid Limited

We aim to make our contracting services as simple as possible, so you have time to work on what you love to do. Let us lift the burden of paperwork, invoicing, timesheets, and other tedious admin from your shoulders.

Lead Umbrella

Lead Umbrella Limited is an intermediary company between the contractor and their clients. The purpose of an umbrella company is to handle administration associated with contracting (particularly payroll, taxation and invoice administration) so that the contractor is free to concentrate on their work, and their personal lives.

WEPAYE Umbrella Limited

We Paye Umbrella Limited is a business that employs contractors and agency workers to provide administrative payroll services in order to make PAYE and NI deductions.

Industria Umbrella Limited

At Industria we aim to provide a world class service. We always strive to ensure payments are made on time, every time. We see ourselves as an extension of the client and always put their needs first. We take extensive compliance measures to make sure that our contractors and partner agencies are protected against any payroll-related liabilities.